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Treasure Guard Slapped Me in the Face

Paranormal Experience

Paranormal Experience: Treasure Guard Slapped Me in the Face
Paranormal Experience: Treasure Guard Slapped Me in the Face

T.P.D. (Male) tells the frightening story of the strange events and the paranormal warning he received in the mound where they were looking for treasure.

Witness Statement: The story I am going to tell happened in 2008. I started working in a Central Anatolian city with two other people to excavate an illegal tumulus (king’s tomb) in search of treasure (1). Our goal was to dig 9 meters to reach the tunnel and the burial chamber. On the first day we dug 3 m. We dug at night and stopped working early in the morning.

The evening after the excavation, I went to the excavation site and saw that someone had covered the pit. This didn’t mean anything to us, but we had to start digging again. This time we managed to dig 4 meters deep.

However, when we went to the site the next evening, the pit was covered again and we had to dig again. After the excavation, I went home and slept on my left side (2) in my single bed. I dreamt that I was digging in the area. The last axe blow revealed a hole leading to the tunnel.

When I widened the hole and entered the tunnel, there was a tall man holding a sword, his skin stuck to his bones, next to a pile of gold coins.
After we looked at each other for a while, I asked, “Who are you?” He replied, “I am the guard here. Who are you?” (3). I said, “I am the new owner of this place.”

He stood up and said, “Stay away from here. Otherwise you will die,” and he slapped me hard on the face. After the shock of the dream, I went to the bathroom to check myself in the mirror and there were purple fingerprints on my face.

I couldn’t leave the house for a week because of this horrible dream. My friends from the team called me and asked me why I didn’t come. I told them about the horrible dream I had and told them that I would never go there again and advised them not to go there either…

1) Illegal antiquities and treasure hunting is very common in Turkey, which is home to many ancient civilizations that have lived in the region for thousands of years.

2) According to Islamic belief, it is frowned upon to turn to the left side and sleep.

3) There is a widespread belief in Turkey that treasures that remain buried for a long time are possessed by jinn. Or the people who bury the treasure try to protect it with spells or talismans to keep thieves away. Illegal treasure seekers work with hodjas who can talk to jinns to keep them away or to break these spells.

Editor’s note

H,, I’m Sinan. I am a publisher living in Turkey. My main profession is magazine editor. Paranormal subjects are my special interest. The paranormal experiences and similar accounts I publish here, based on eyewitness accounts, are the personal claims of those who say they witnessed the events. In no way do I guarantee that they are completely true, but I can say that I personally think that many of them are indeed worth recording. I am publishing these stories here with the consent and knowledge of the people involved. It is up to readers to decide whether to believe them or not. And in my opinion, critical reading is always useful.


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