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The Great Fear I Experienced in the Village at Night

Paranormal Experience

Supernatural, scary, paranormal experiences: The Great Fear I Experienced in the Village at Night
Supernatural, scary, paranormal experiences: The Great Fear I Experienced in the Village at Night

Mahir A. is telling about his conflict with the djinns in the village during his childhood when djinns cornered him in the barn after he got us from his home to piss.

Witness Statement: Now, I’m going to tell you about an event I had in my childhood… When I was a kid, just like every other kid, we used to be very curious about the djinns.

We tried every method we knew just to summon them so that we could see them. We were even spending time in ruined places, sitting on onion skins and ashes(1)…
We had a friend called Huseyin. He used to know some Arabic and spells. He used to say things like prayers on onion skins. Anyway, we were trying such things all the time…

We used to hear things such as footsteps behind us when we were trying to summon djinns. Voices were coming out from ruined walls. We used to cover in fear and run away. However, we continue to keep trying the next day…

In those times, we were going to primary school. We went to Erzurum together with my family in the summer. We used to spend our holidays in the villages, but they were amazing days. In those years, the toilets used to be outdoors.

That summer, 3-4 days after I arrived at the village, I woke up at 03.05 AM. I had to pee, but I couldn’t go to the toilet since it was outside, and I couldn’t find enough courage. The next day, we played games and had fun with my friends.

In the night, I woke up at the same hour and minute, which was 03.05 AM. Again, I had to pee. This time, I got up and woke my brother. He was mad but still accepted to come with me.

Nothing happened that night since I was with my brother. However, I was scared anyway. I was wondering why I always wake up at the same hour and minute every night. I woke up at the same hour and minute the next night.

This time, I said to myself, “I can go to the toilet quickly on my own.” I swear I still feel fear whenever I remember the following things, which I’m going to tell right now…

I went to the toilet and came back. I left the door of the home, but it was closed when I came back. I was knocking on the door, but no one was answering. I went and knocked on the window. It was like people in the home were not hearing the knocks at all.

I told myself, “At least there is a small hut next to the barn, I can go there and sleep. I will wake up in the morning when my aunt comes to milk the cows and I will go home.”

I got closer to the barn, where there was hay. I heard a voice from the small hut next to the barn. I stood still without moving and focused on the sound. Someone was laughing in the hut!

I froze. I asked, “Who’s there?”. I took a step forward and started to hear a baby crying. I started to say all the prayers I used to know in fear. Meanwhile, the sounds stopped. I thought about going back to the house.

However, I feared the same thing may happen again and I should not walk home alone at night by telling myself “I will enter the barn next to it, say my prayers, and sleep.” I couldn’t understand what kind of courage got me at that moment. I think I found courage because the voices stopped when I said prayers…

Anyways, I entered the barn while saying prayers. I made a bed for myself with the hay. Of course, the barn was a weak structure that was made of wood with gaps between them. However, I was not able to think of anything else by saying prayers.

Later, I laid down the hay and stayed like that for a while. Of course, I was not able to sleep because of fear. I wanted the morning to come as soon as possible. I was thinking the time would pass faster if I slept but I was not able to sleep due to fear…

About 15 minutes passed in this way. I was about to sleep but I started hearing the knocks on the door of the barn! I opened my eyes. I thought someone entered the barn. I was able to see outside since there were gaps in the woods of the door. However, I couldn’t see anyone in front of the barn.

I noticed that someone is coming again. Thus, I started to say prayers. Then the sounds stopped, and I was saying prayers without stopping due to fear. I wasn’t able to leave there either…

I wanted the morning to come as soon as possible because I knew that my aunt would come to the barn early in the morning. I was waiting for her. I stopped saying prayers 5-10 minutes later. I started to hear knock-knock voices on the door again. I started to say prayers again. When the sounds stopped, I wanted to get out of the barn and return home while saying prayers.

I opened the door and started to run to my aunt. I was running really fast, which I cannot describe right now. I felt that someone was chasing me while I was running. Because I was hearing the footsteps on the stones behind me.

I yelled a lot when I arrived home and finally, my parents woke up. Then the thing behind me disappeared. I told my parents what happened. The next day, they took me to the hodja in the village.

The hodja said prayers and prepared a protective amulet. I’m really thankful for that hodja. It is because I have never experienced such incidents again after wearing that amulet.

It has been more than 10 years since the event, and I still cannot forget it…

(1) According to popular belief in Turkey, djinns are very common in desolate areas and ruins. It is believed that onion skins are their food.

Editor’s note

Hi, I’m Sinan.
I am a publisher living in Turkey. My main profession is magazine editor. Paranormal subjects are my special interest. The paranormal experiences and similar accounts I publish here, based on eyewitness accounts, are the personal claims of those who say they witnessed the events. In no way do I guarantee that they are completely true, but I can say that I personally think that many of them are indeed worth recording. I am publishing these stories here with the consent and knowledge of the people involved. It is up to readers to decide whether to believe them or not. And in my opinion, critical reading is always useful.


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