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The Cost of Mocking the Djinns

Paranormal Experience

Supernatural, scary, paranormal experiences: The Cost of Mocking the Djinns
Supernatural, scary, paranormal experiences: The Cost of Mocking the Djinns

This is the paranormal experience story of a young man who mocked the djinns and even cursed them while having a conversation with his friends.

Witness Statement: I was a really naughty person in my youth. I was mocking everything and didn’t care about anything. One day while I was having a conversation with my friends, we started to talk about the djinns. As my usual naughty attitude, I started to mock the subject.(1)

My friends told me, “Don’t, don’t do it”, I started to exaggerate and curse djinns. Despite the warnings of my friends, I mocked the djinns but something inside me told me that something bad was going to happen to me.

Towards the evening, I said goodbye to my friends and hit the road home when a cat appeared (2). It was an incredible encounter since the cat started to talk to me. His eyes were snow white and telling me things I couldn’t pay attention to due to fear.

I rushed home in shock and fear. My heart was beating to death. I went to the bathroom to wash my face to calm down a bit. My mind was blown when I washed my face and lifted my head up! A strange creature was looking at me in the mirror.

I froze where I was. I was trying to run away but it was like something fixed me to my position! I cannot describe the fear and panic I felt at that moment with words… One moment, I managed to run away somehow…

Now, I’m trying to not make fun of anything in my life and I cannot look at the mirrors.

Editorial Remarks:

(1) Mocking the Djinns: According to a popular belief in Turkey, mocking the djinns may lead to a kind of djinn attack, which is also referred to as djinn possession.

(2) Shapes the Djinns Appear for Humans: According to popular belief, djinns appear by shapeshifting into different creatures rather than their original forms. Dogs and cats are the most commonly preferred forms for djinns to appear to humans.


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