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Our Neighbour Has Made a Demon Haunt Us

Paranormal Experience

Our Neighbour Has Made a Demon Haunt Us
Our Neighbour Has Made a Demon Haunt Us

Buse O. talks about the black magic done to her mother when she was pregnant with her, how it ruined her life and what she suffered as a result.

Our neighbour cast a spell on my mother

Witness Statement: I suffered a lot as a child. The neighbour put black magic on my mother when she was pregnant with me. Just to disturb the peace of our family.
My mother had a difficult pregnancy. I was almost stillborn. I was born weighing kilos and 150 grams. I was very small and weak when I was born. The doctors said I’d die, but I survived. When I was a baby, I cried and was scared all the time.

My fears grew as I got older… I had siblings. We used to sleep in the same room with my siblings and I used to cry and see shadows at night. I could never sleep in the dark. I used to hear voices and panting. I used to leave the doors open when I went into the bathroom and never close them. Otherwise I couldn’t have a bath because I couldn’t breathe if I closed the doors.

A long black thing…

One night I had a dream. I can’t remember the year, but there was an earthquake that year. Suddenly a long black thing appeared and held out its hand to me. It said something to me, but I didn’t understand it. When I woke up I was in hospital and couldn’t speak. I stayed in that state for a long time.

When I told them what had happened by writing it down, my mother could not get herself together for a while. Because she had seen the same thing in the past and went to see a hodja. The hodja broke the spell and she didn’t see it again.
But the problem is that these things have left my mother and this time they are haunting me.

After I left the hospital, my mother took me to a hodja. The hodja gave me something to drink. I can say that I was unconscious for a while after I drank it. Nothing is clear… All I remember is that I was hurt. I also remember the Hodja’s face and an amulet.

Saying prayers all the time

Later I got better. I never had similar problems until I got married. But after marriage the problems started again. The hodja we used to go to was dead and it was almost impossible to find a good one. But we managed to find one. The hodja we found recited prayers from the Koran to break the spell and said, “My daughter, always pray. Otherwise they will come back”.

Now, when I sleep without saying prayers, I see them. These voices and shadows are beside me. I still cannot sleep in the dark. I’m 27 years old, I have a son, but I can’t sleep alone. Since I got used to it, it is no longer strange to me. Every night I read Ayetel Kursi (?) three times and go to sleep.

(?) Ayetel Kursi: The special name given to the 255th verse of the Baqarah in the Qur’an. It is believed that reading it can protect people from djinn and demons.


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