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One-Arm, One-Leg, One-Eye Monster: Abasi

One of the Strangest Monsters of Turkish and World Mythologies

One of the Strangest Monsters of Turkish and World Mythologies
One of the Strangest Monsters of Turkish and World Mythologies

Abasi is one of the strangest evil creatures in Turkish mythology. It lives underground, kidnaps people, and is a creature with one arm, one leg, and one eye.

What Does Abasi Mean?

Abasi is an evil spirit. It is the name given to creatures with one arm, one leg, and one eye, living underground, and can kidnap people. The same word is also known as “Abahi”, “Abazi”, “Abaki” in different Turkish dialects.

Interesting Characteristics of Abasi

Abasi was created from fire. It is believed that they live underground (in other sense, in Hell). They hurt people. In general, they are depicted as one-legged (or no legs), one-eyed and bald. They feed on the carcass. Any creature that is dangerous and looks disgusting is they are what they are because of Abasi. They lead us astray, force us to do bad things, and make some of us crazy. They can kidnap the soul of a person. They are invisible. Only shamans can see them. They also cannot see those who visit the underworld from the surface (for example, shamans). They walk in rows behind each other and they become invisible when they come to the surface.

They catch mankind when they are alone, unprotected, vulnerable, sick or when they are in trouble. It is also believed that many other evil spirits, which belong to abasi species, also hurt people. The damage they can cause may vary.

In Turkish folk culture, the scarecrows planted in the orchards are called “Abaki” and besides their scary look, it is associated with these creatures. In fact, abaki (garden scarecrow) actually emerged with the transformation of statues, totems, and symbolic pillars, which were placed in houses and gardens to protect the household from evil spirits in the past. Tatars claim that scarecrows come alive at night and wander.

Abasi Types

There are two types of abasi:

Çak: The Devil

Çor: Djinn

Origin and Meaning of Word Abasi

In Turkish, this word is used to define the person who kidnaps a person and also means insatiable. It also means, “aparmak” (kidnapping, taking away). As the Turkish word “apazlamak” means grasping, it also means going with the wind. The word “abi” means soul. It is associated with the word “av”, which means hunt in English. In Anatolia, the word “abaza” is a slang word and refers to people with sexual nonsatisfaction or sexual hunger. 

Reference: Deniz Karakurt, Turkish Myth Dictionary

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