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It Turns Out I Found a Spell Book But not Quran

Paranormal Experience

Creepy Horror Stories: It Turns Out I Found a Spell Book But not Quran
Creepy Horror Stories: It Turns Out I Found a Spell Book But not Quran

A kid, who entered a cave to get his ball while playing a game in 2008, found a book there. He thought it was the Quran but in fact, that book was something different.

Witness Statement: We visited the village with my family for a summer vacation in 2008. That day, I was playing ball with other kids in the neighborhood. My brother was hanging out with his friends. My ball went into one of the nearby rock cavities while we were playing. There were many rock cavities and small caves in our area.

Anyways, I went to get the ball. The cavity that the ball went in was wide enough for a person to enter. After I got the ball and returned, I saw a Quran inside. I took it to not disrespect it and take it home. Later on, we continued to play ball with my friends. We didn’t realize how fast the time passed while playing. We started to go to our homes as the darkness started.

We took a look at the Quran after I went home. I heard a blowing sound when I opened its cover, but I didn’t care about it. I didn’t spend too much time since I didn’t know Arabic and cannot understand what was written in it. It was time to sleep after dinner and other routine events. We were staying in the same room with my brother. I thought my brother was going to drink water when he got up around 3 AM.

I didn’t say anything but when I heard the door slam, I noticed that my brother went out at that time. I went to my father and woke him up. We both went out and started to look for my brother. While we were looking for my brother with my father, we saw some uncanny shadows. This scared us but then we thought about the wild animals visiting the village at night.

Finally, we found my fainted brother next to the lake. We took him home. My father waited next to my brother until the morning. In the end, my brother woke up in the morning and we questioned him about what happened. We asked, “What happened?”, he replied “I don’t remember anything. I was in bed.” These late-night walks continued almost every day. In the end, we noticed that these weird things started to happen after I brought that book, which I believed was the Quran.

When we took the book to a hodja to check it, the hodja told us it is not the Quran, it was written in Ottoman Turkish but not Arabic and in fact, it is a spellbook. The hodja prepared a talisman for me and my brother to protect us. We left the book to hodja so that he can destroy it in a suitable way. We didn’t experience any similar problems later on.

(?) As a sign of respect for the Quran in Turkish-Islamic culture, you do not touch the book without a religious cleansing ritual called ablution. When you hold the book, you kiss it once or three times and touch it with your forehead. The book is never kept below the waistline. It is never put or left on the ground. Even people who memorize the entire Quran and are called Hafiz, never sit on the ground since they carry the Quran in them.


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