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How to Exorcise Djinns from Body?

How to Exorcise Djinns from Body?
How to Exorcise Djinns from Body?

How to exorcise djinns from the body? How can perform exorcising ritual? What are the signs that make exorcising necessary? How is exorcising ritual performed? Exorcising djinns/devils is something that most of us are familiar with because of Hollywood productions. However, this is something more serious and important compared to what is told in the movies. In the following, you are going to find the words and interviews of hodjas, who work in this field, and famous Turkish historian, on this topic.

Interview with Djinn Hodja, Exorcist Specialist

Can you please tell us about yourself?

I was educated to be hafiz (Hafiz: the person who memorizes every word in the Quran completely) and then I studied at Madrasah for about 10 years (Madrasah: The traditional education institution providing education in line with the Islamic rules and beliefs in Islam countries). I follow a practice where I combine rukye and cindarlik (Cindarlik: A title used for people who gather the djinns to talk to them, gets information about the future, treats haunted people, and are also known as an exorcist in some areas). I try to help people to heal with rukye sessions and also by getting help from my friends, who have djinns. We try to cancel the spells cast on people.

How was your first encounter with djinns?

I started to see them when I was a kid. This is something inherited from your father and grandfather. The Muslim djinn is ashamed to scare you. He tried to explain this to you in the best way possible. He starts to let you see him as a friend in your dreams. He will let you understand the situation by letting you observe some of the things you see in your dreams happen in real life however, a haunting or demonic situation is completely different.

At first, djinns pull your feet when you are about the fall asleep, and you feel like you are falling into the void. Then you hear voices and some of your body parts or your entire body go numb as if you have been electrocuted. We have seen many people who go to sleep without any problems but wake up with bruises. We have seen people whose homes were stoned and burned. In general, this is how you feel them.

What is the scariest thing you have ever witnessed?

We had an event in Istanbul. The person throws bread somewhere close to the kitchen drain. Therefore, he was haunted by djinns. When we started our treatment and asked why he haunted the person, he didn’t say anything but left by slamming the door. We were very afraid that something would happen to the children.

In another event in Kahramanmaras, the woman was married and had 3 children. She was cutting her hands and dripping her blood into the fire. This was requested by the djinn, who haunted her. We went there and a 40-kg woman lifted me easily, which I weight 115 kilograms. We called back up to keep her fixed. We barely managed to keep her fixed with 5 people. Then, djinns attacked the people around us. Some were possessed and some fainted (Djinn Possession: Permanent or partial paralysis due to djinn attack). We took people out and started to read alone. This time, they started to attack the people outside. Later, we completely closed the home and started to read. After a long treatment process, we managed to help this woman.

In one of my sessions, the djinn haunted the person because of a spell. He resisted at the beginning of the session. Despite we read a lot, he did not give any reaction. This djinn started to yell “Kill me” when we started to read and interfere at the same time. The person had a tattoo on his arm. When I asked, “Is this you?” he replied, “Yes, I did it. If it wouldn’t look good, I would kill him just because of this.” This was the first time a saw a djinn with a tattoo. He also revealed himself in the chest area too. He shows his face on the clothes and tattoos.

Can you describe the djinns to us?

Images, types, and sizes of djinns… They all change completely. As you know, the devil is also one of the djinn species. Azazel was the name of the devil before he rebelled. Djinns are creatures that were created before us. They do not like us because we came after them as caliphs. They continue the drudge of the devil. All djinns have arrogance. They take you for granted and they do not want to talk to you. The devil sits on his throne and tries to deceive people. Djinns help him to do so.

When we asked, “Did you see the devil” to a djinn, he replied, “I saw the devil. He gave me bracelets for the things I did, and he let me sit on his throne for 2 days”. Djinns also have species. They have their own religious beliefs. They can marry and have kids and they need to feed. We saw atheist and Buddhist djinns. There are many djinns that worship a cow or many other religions such as Muslims, Christians, or Jews. If you are talking to a Muslim djinn, he will come and say “Salamun Alaykum”. You can ask any question you want then.

Can djinns hurt anyone they want whenever they want?

No, djinns cannot hurt anyone whenever they want. On the contrary, djinns generally want to stay away from mankind. Is this mean that do not harm? Of course, they do. They harm if a spell is cast. He can hurt you if you hurt him or his family. If they would hurt people for no reason, everyone would be crazy so far.

However, djinns have a special condition. They need to pass through the protective shield, which was provided to them by God, to hurt them. This protective shield can disappear because of sins. The realm of djinns is different from ours. A line was drawn under the name of the protection of God, but this was crossed by mankind.

How do djinns get out from the body they possess?

Most djinns do not want to leave the body because the human body is some kind of a blessing for djinns. We often use the rukye method. First, we read, and then if the person is in bad condition, we keep reading to relieve his situation. After the relief, this djinn can be gotten out of the body with spells, by vomiting method, and by pulling him from his right and left arms from the astral exploration realm. You cannot hold his arms to pull off, but a djinn can easily get another djinn out.

What do we have to do if a person is possessed by a djinn?

This solely depends on the purpose of the possession. Has he possessed the body because of a spell, invitation, falling in love, or blood? If the djinn possessed the person to ruin the marriage of a couple, he will turn them against each other and ruin their marriage. If he possessed the person to drive the person crazy or kill him, he will cause serious diseases. The person suffers from bad dreams. He can even lead the person to become schizophrenic.

If you start to wake up in the middle of the night while sleeping and if your leg feels like it falls into the void or someone is pulling you or you see wild animals attacking you in your dreams, you wake up tired or with bruises, then you can understand that a djinn haunts you.

One of my clients brought his daughter to me. A spell was cast on her with the wrong ingredients. The girl was not even able to carry a teaspoon. Her mother was helping her to drink water.

Murat Bardakçı’s Exorcism Research

Murat Bardakçı: Exorcism is a folkloric tradition dating back to ancient centuries both in the West and in our culture. Since I’m very interested in researching this and similar traditions, I have plenty of manuscripts written on these subjects in my library and microfilms of some old studies that are kept under lock so that not everyone can easily access them.

In the West, this was carried out by hurting the patient by using tools such as whips and blood-shedding was the primary objective in the rituals. The person who performs djinn or devil exorcism is often the priest in the West. The priests in those times used to have an iron cross in one hand and a whip or spiked stick at another hand, which he swoops down the poor patient while reading prayers and beating the poor patient until he leaves him or her in blood and then tell him that “he saved him from the devil”.

Djinn Possession Examination

It was necessary to examine whether the person have some physical disorders to definitely determine whether a person was attacked by djinns or not and the pupils of the patient were examined first. It was believed that the people who are haunted by djinns do not have matching pupils, in other words, they do not expand in the dark and contracted in the light and fixed pupils are considered the first sign of the djinn possession.

Since it was believed that the djinn enters the body from the nape of the neck and settles in the cerebellum, the neck and backbone are used for examination after the pupil examination. The djinn hodja, who truly believed that the patient was possessed by the djinns could start the treatment later and perform the exorcism ritual.

Traits that Exorcists Must Have

The hodja, who will perform the exorcism, must have certain traits and among all these traits, the power to dominate the djinn, who possessed the person, or djinns that are considered superior to other djinns and make them listen to their orders, was the most important one. In those times, it was believed that there was a hierarchy among djinns just like humans and the hodja can only rule the djinn that possessed the person with a djinn, which is superior to him. The hodja, who is going to perform the exorcism must be huddam, in other words, he must have the power to use any djinn as a servant.

How Was Exorcism Performed?

Djinn hodja with power used to contact the senior djinns, who are serving him, with prays, incense, and some special codes and they used to order them to possess the body to catch the djinn that possessed the body previously and throw him out. Djinns under the command of huddam hodja used to do what is requested from them and meanwhile, the hodja used to engage in some symbolic activities.

For example, they used to put a rosary on the patient’s head and tie a thin thread around the patient’s neck or finger and then pull the thread quickly, which they tell the djinn left the body now and they used to pray one more time before leaving the patient.

In djinn manuscripts, there is another method to be used when the djinn resists leaving the body: the use of a mirror… Books tell methods such as the djinn hodja should sit next to the patient, put a mirror in front of him and burn the djinns he is going to see on the mirror when djinns resist leaving the body… These are some of the exorcism methods mentioned in djinn treatises, which are folkloric epics of ancient times…

Who Are Suspected of Being Haunted by Djinns?

  1. Some epilepsy patients are suspected of being haunted by djinns. As epilepsy may be due to purely medical reasons, there are types that develop due to djinns as well.
  2. People who claim they saw or speak to djinns are likely to have been haunted by them.
  3. Some paralyzed patients, which are not congenital but happened, later on, may suffer it due to being haunted by djinns. Djinns may possess the paralyzed person, or the paralysis may have occurred as a result of the haunting.
  4. Some people who can never get married. If a djinn in love possesses a woman or man, that person often cannot marry. Even if he or she marries, the divorce will take place in a year, or the couple will cheat on each other.
  5. People with sexual problems. As this can be in marriages, it also happens in single people. It can affect both men and women. In such cases, the spouses feel distant from each other sexually. The woman or man will have anxiety and the sexual course never happens or happens reluctantly.
  6. It is likely that people who often have setbacks in their personal and business life.
  7. People who drink extremely cold water or cannot drink anything hot.
  8. People who have terrible dreams every night.
  9. People who talk to themselves as if someone is in front of them.
  10. People who moan or turn a lot while sleeping
  11. People who are extremely angry and aggressive.
  12. People who often feel exhausted or sleep a lot.
  13. People who are extremely lazy and do not want to do anything.
  14. People who cramp, feel suffocated, or faint while performing dhikr.
  15. People who are blind due to excessive heat.
  16. People who woke up with numbness in their hands or arms in the morning, despite they did not sleep on their limbs.
  17. People who often faint without any reason.
  18. People who are overly suffocated indoors or in crowded areas.
  19. Women who often miscarry.

What to Do to Perform Exorcism?

Although it is important to perform an exorcism on people who are haunted by djinns, this may not be a one-time process but a set of processes, which sometimes can take more than a year. It is because whenever a djinn is exorcised, another djinn assigned by spell possesses the body of the person, who has been exorcised. If you exorcise seven times, no other djinn can possess the body. There may be djinns, which cannot be exorcised too.

Here are the steps you need to follow to perform an exorcism:

  1. Protective measures should be taken for post-exorcism.
  2. The burning verses should be read or listened to for at least six months.
  3. The person should keep drinking water with bay leaves.
  4. The person should mix vinegar water, camphor water, and holy water and take bath with this once in three days.
  5. The person should avoid animal-origin foods.
  6. “Ya Rahim Ya Kahhar” (According to the Islamic belief, two names or titles expressing the mercy and wrath of God) dhikr should be said 10,000 times a day.
  7. Buruc verse must be read 41 times every day.
  8. The person should not eat or drink without any ablution.
  9. Tarik, Beyyine, and burning verses should be written on paper and these should be mixed with holy water to drink.
  10. The person should avoid soda.
  11. Healing verses should be read to repair the damage caused by the djinn on the body for six months after the exorcism. Protective measures should be applied for another six months after the completion of healing verses to prevent the body from being possessed by djinns and close the spiritual doors of the body.

Djinn Burning Verses

The following verses are verses that burn djinns and demons. Whoever reads them will burn the djinns in their body. They should be read to water and oil for six months. The oil should be applied to the body and water should be drinking.

  • Ayetel Kursi
  • Baqarah 266
  • Ali İmran 10, 181, 182
  • Nisa 56
  • Maide 37
  • Enam128
  • Enfal 50
  • İbrahim 15, 16, 17, 49, 50
  • Hicr 16, 17
  • Kehf 29
  • Meryem 4
  • Taha 98
  • Enbiya 39, 68, 98  
  • Hac 9, 19, 22
  • Müminun 103, 104
  • Neml 90
  • Ankebut 24
  • Ahzap 66
  • Fatır 36, 37
  • Saffat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Zümer 16-19
  • Mümin 6, 72
  • Fussilet 40 
  • Duhan 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50
  • Muhammed 15
  • Necm 1
  • Kamer 4
  • Rahman 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
  • Vakıa 51, 52, 53, 54
  • Mülk 5
  • Cin 8, 9, 14, 15
  • Buruc 10
  • Tarık 1, 2, 3
  • Leyl 14,15, 16
  • Hümeze 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Which Djinns Hide in What Body Parts?

Ifrit is a senior djinn, which has at least 170 djinns at this order. These djinns hide in genital areas and the brain in the human body. The most important feature of these djinns is they can appear in human form even during the day.

Ifrit djinns can manipulate the perceptions of people they possess. for example, if you say apple to a person possessed by ifrit djinns, he or she perceives pear. This perception is due to ifrit djinn. Ifrit djinn is also mentioned in Quran. Since ifrit djinns generally fall in love with humans, they possess them, and they never leave the person they are in love with.

The ifrit must be burned and killed to get rid of him, who haunts the person. If you revealed an ifrit by reading the Quran, then you need to take the fight to the end with that djinn. He or she will revenge you for unfinished treatment and drives you crazy. He or she can make you unable to speak, rape you constantly, touch you, sleep with you, hug you, and follows you anywhere you go.

Ifrits mostly haunt women. Ifrit makes himself or herself look like the person who wants to save him or her from the person he or she haunts. The person often resists the person who can burn the ifrit, such as hodja, physic, etc., and does not want to be treated. Marks will appear over time on the rib cage and groins. Sometimes, Hebrew letters may also appear.

For the treatment, verses can be written with saffron, the patient can eat putty, and a djinn letter can be written and hung on the walls. Incense can be burned and rukye verses (Rukye means treatment with Quran, and it is a healing ritual, where God’s name and titles are mentioned) can be read. Generally, the djinn speaks during Rukye. The patient should eat and drink with ablution. Every day, Ya Rahim Ya Kahhar dhikr must be read 10,000 times. The family should also learn rukye verses. The patient will never get free if these will not be performed. It is because ifrit is powerful and stubborn. This process requires plenty of patience.

Regular djinns, for example, spell djinns hide in the stomach cavity. The binding djinns and ifrits appear as money and they often hide in the genital area. Djinns in love hide in the rib cage and they appear as two-mouthed butterflies. Djinns, which hide in the brain, completely wrap the head with their arms like an octopus. Ifret djinn also hides in the private areas of our bodies. The groin muscles move as you read Quran. Djinns, which hide in the back are evil eye djinns.


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