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How Did I Gain My Paranormal Abilities?

Paranormal Experience

How Did I Gain My Paranormal Abilities?
How Did I Gain My Paranormal Abilities?

Ülkü İ. is telling the story of the paranormal events she experienced and how she gained paranormal abilities as a result of these events.

Witness Statement: I want to tell you about a paranormal event I experienced the best. I can say that my story started when I was 6. In those years, my mom and dad were arguing every day. My mother used to beat me and my sibling all the time. She sometimes threw pillows at my face and yell, “Die now! Die!”

In fact, my parents were happily married. Either their psychology was messed up due to the deterioration of their relationship, or their relationship was messed up due to the deterioration of their psychology. My father started to talk to himself for a while. He used to talk as if someone was in front of him. We found plenty of amulets (1) when my mom left the home.

I can only make guesses about who prepared these amulets or why he or she prepared and put them into our house. Two possible possibilities are 1- Someone could make it to break up my mom and father by a spell. 2- My mother, who could not get on well with my father may left them at home to hurt my father. Considering that my father started to talk to himself over time, I believe the second one is likely more possible.

After my mom and dad broke up, my grandmother used to make him drink water constantly to help my father recover. It was blessed water (2). I was young in those years; I also drank it by wondering about the taste of blessed water. It was bitter. After a while, I started to experience things I can’t explain. In the early years of my puberty, I start to experience sleep paralysis all the time. Every night. After I while I attempted suicide since I couldn’t stand this torture. once too. I attempted suicide seven times!

I grew up in these difficulties, I got married. I started to hear voices when I was newly married. My mother-in-law took me to a hodja. After the spiritual treatment of the hodja, I was getting better for a short time. My problems began to disappear. The hodja gave me an amulet for spiritual protection. I lost it and I believe it was the reason why I started to experience the same things again.

I was seeing djinns in my dreams. Voices of unknown origin were telling me “You are in the house of djinns” in my dreams. One of the djinns I see in my dreams wanted to marry me. He told me, “I will never leave you. I will love you a lot”. I was reciting Ayetel Kursi (!) as a response. I saw dreams in dreams…

As a result of all these things I experience, I had mental issues. I started to not remember anyone. Therefore, my relatives hospitalized me. They provided electroshock treatment for therapeutic purposes. However, I started to see creatures at home even after I was discharged from the hospital. Now, no one was believing in me. Everyone was making fun of me. I was going through very difficult times.

As a result of my research, I found a hodja on the internet. I said to him, “Help me!”. I begged him. This was the first time I was asking for help from someone. Thank God! He told me what I need to do to get rid of the problems I experience and taught me the prayers I need to read. Miraculously I was relieved and got rid of my troubles. I told the hodja, who helped me, that “I want to help people like me”. I wanted him to teach his methods to me. He didn’t accept. He just shared his ability to read. Thank God, I was able to read the face of the people in front of me. I can see whether there is any spell or haunted in the houses I visit.

For example, one day, I visited my father’s house. A voice told me, “Get out of this house!” There was an old pillow at the home. I went to the attic with the guidance of my instincts. I found that pillow and when I tore it, I found a huge amulet in it. I destroyed that amulet. Right now, both I and my father are okay…

Here is another example I can give. We moved to a new house. Our neighbor living upstairs visited us to say “Welcome”. I felt bad after she left. I started to see things in the house. My hands were frozen. My fingers were trembling. I was seeing what she was experiencing like a dream.

After a while, I called her and visited her at home. I. told her “Bring all the amulets home.” She brought perhaps two bags of amulets. I said, “Three more left”. She said, “No, this is all.” I prayed and burned them. Most of them were copies. After two days, the woman also brought the other amulets. She told me, “I paid a lot for these. Thus, I didn’t want to give them to you.” I dealt with these for about two months. Her daughter was a drug addict and she quit. Right now, she is working to be a police officer. The woman spends her days with prayer and dhikr. They do not visit different hodjas now and believe in the power of God.

1. Amulet: It is a piece of paper usually written in Arabic letters, rolled in the shape of a triangle, put on a cloth, and believed to contain a religious or magical power, which protects the owner from the harmful effects and diseases, and brings goodness. Depending on its preparation purpose, it is also believed that it can serve just for the opposite effects, which we mentioned in the previous sentence.

2. Blessed Water: It is the water mostly drunk for healing purposes or sprinkled on places, where it is desired to be spiritually purified. It is prepared by reading the verses in the Quran, which are believed to have healing effects, and prayers loudly on water and blow breathing on it later on.


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