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Cinarcik Village Jinn Attack Case

Horror Story: Cinarcik Village Jinn Attack Case
Horror Story: Cinarcik Village Jinn Attack Case

There is a story told among the people. According to what is said, a mass jinn attack in Cinarcik village (Turkey) took place in the past…

According to what is said, people who visit the river at night, which flows next to the village, are haunted by jinns. In the village, more and more people started to act weird. Some people in the village cannot get up from their beds even if they are not sick at all.

Upon these events, some people in the village visited Salih Efendi, who was in the next village and famous for talking with jinns. They told him what happened. Salih Efendi told them that he will visit them the next night. People in the village started to wait for the hodja the next night.

A villager called Musa said, “There is a light ahead! This should be the hodja. Let’s go and meet him” and the villagers started to walk to the light. Villagers walked about a kilometer, but they realized too late that the light of the oil lamp cannot reach this far…

Musa Efendi said, “Let’s go back! This is not Salih Efendi” and the villagers returned. Salih Efendi arrived in the village about half an hour later. He said, “Take me to the river before it is too late.” They started to walk to the river, Salih Efendi was in the lead and about 10 villagers were behind him with guns and rifles.

There was a mill next to the river. Salih Efendi saw a couple of shadows around the mill and yelled, “Who is there?” When they didn’t receive any reply, one of the villagers fired into the air but the shadows disappeared. Salih Efendi headed that way and told villagers to not follow him.

Salih Efendi, who returned 15-20 minutes later, said “They are here right now” and villagers began to whisper in fear.
Salih Efendi said, “There is a fig tree there. They are there right now and looking at here” and one of the villagers wanted to shoot but his weapon didn’t fire. Right after it, that man started to scream like crazy.

Salih Efendi went next to the man and started to pray. The man regained consciousness soon. Salih Efendi told the villagers to not stay any longer and asked everyone to ablution in the river.

Villagers performed their ablutions carefully. Later, they prayed together by repeating the words of Salih Efendi one by one.
The villagers, who believed that they got rid of the jinns with the mass prayer they said the previous night with Salih Efendi, decided to celebrate this.

However, about 35 villagers went insane after the start of the celebration. They were screaming, yelling, and even hurting themselves. According to rumors, everyone in the village passed away in time due to various but weird reasons… It is said that the village is now completely abandoned…


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