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The Same Man

Turkish Horror Story

True horror stories, paranormal experiences: The Same Man
True horror stories, paranormal experiences: The Same Man

What would you do if you saw a little girl swinging in your garden in the middle of the night? What if you realized that this little girl was haunting you and turning your life upside down? A story that really happened: The Same Man. Are you ready to read about the terrible events that happened to Yeliz?..

My name is Yeliz and I am 25 years old. In this story, I will tell you about an event that happened to me 4 years ago when I was 21 years old. My childhood was a life of poverty and my father always did his best to fulfill my wishes. I grew up in our Greek house in Ayvalik and in the large garden we had two beautiful fig trees with a hammock between them. I was in a long-standing relationship and my boyfriend at the time was three years older than me. Late one night he called me on the phone. We hadn’t spoken for a long time, so I took my phone, went to the window and started talking to him.

He said, “We’re going to talk about something important for tomorrow, so if it’s okay, let’s meet at the cafe just past your house.” As we were talking, I looked at the view outside and noticed a little girl swinging in a hammock among the fig trees, her back turned. I wondered who could be doing what in our garden at midnight, but the little girl had disappeared. I was very sleepy, so I went to bed after our phone call ended.

But as I lay there, I was haunted by the thought of whether someone was really in front of those fig trees. When I got out of bed again and looked out the window, there was a man and a girl in the garden. The girl was holding the man’s hand and it looked like he had brought her to the park. I didn’t recognize either of them and I was scared. That night I pulled the duvet over my head and went to sleep shivering. Morning came quickly and I started getting ready to meet my boyfriend. Now I was not only curious about the important topic we were going to talk about, but also about what I had seen in the garden yesterday.

While I was getting ready, I talked to my best friend on the phone, wanting to tell someone about what had happened. I explained everything in detail and at the end of our conversation, my friend said that we could meet and talk in more detail and that she would also tell me about an important event about my boyfriend. After the phone call, I finished getting ready and it was time to go. I was going to see my boyfriend again in a short time, after a long time, and I was very excited.

When I arrived at the place where we had agreed to meet, my lover was there waiting for me. I walked towards the table, towards my boyfriend, but he didn’t seem very happy to see me. He looked at my face but didn’t smile. I realized something was wrong. “What happened? You don’t seem happy to see me. Did something happen?” I asked.

Before I had even sat down at the table, my boyfriend told me that he no longer loved me the way he used to and that he wanted to break up with me. Apart from these words, he left the place without giving any other explanation about the reasons or details of his decision. I was in for the shock of my life. I don’t know which was more strange; the sudden end of our relationship that had been going so well until that day or the fact that my lover left me in that way, on the spot, in a hurry.

With that depressed mood, I had to meet my friend. I went home and my friend arrived soon after. After we went in and sat down, he asked me about yesterday and today. I couldn’t answer and kept silent. Then we had a deep conversation about these unfortunate and strange events. My friend told me that she had an idea and that she knew a famous psychic. She had imprinted in my mind that I could get my boyfriend back with a binding spell. She said she would talk to the psychic and make a special appointment for me. After the conversation, she left the house.

In the evening, my friend sent me a short message saying that she had made an appointment and gave me the details. Combining the tiredness of not being able to sleep last night with today’s unfortunate event, I was extremely tired. Both physically and mentally. I fell asleep with my phone in my hand and when I woke up in the morning, I realized that my phone battery was dead. After I had breakfast and got ready, I charged the phone. However, since the time I had allocated for my work was short, it didn’t charge much. Nevertheless, since we had an appointment, I met my friend and we set off for the psychic’s house.

We arrived at the psychic’s house. All the way from the garden to the entrance gate of the house, the garden was covered with flowers. The road through the garden continued until the door of the house. They greeted us with a nice welcome and told us that we had arrived a little early. For this reason, they said they would keep us waiting for a while. During this time, we chatted with other people who had come to have a spell cast. Some had come for money, some for their daughter’s good fortune, some to find treasure and some, like me, for love…

After we finished talking, I started to look around at the frames and the interesting paintings on the wall. It was my first time here and everyone had great respect for the medium. The system worked very well and no one was taking anyone’s turn or trying to get in ahead of time. A woman approached and said it was our turn. My experienced friend who was with me was guiding me. We got up and went to the door. The faces of the people inside were a bit eerie and for some reason there was a strange smell. We knocked on the door and went in.

The man standing in front of us had long hair and stubble. He was wearing strange rings and different accessories on his fingers. But his face seemed familiar to me from somewhere. We started to talk about the events when I noticed the window at the back. When I looked through the iron bars, I saw a very different scene from the front yard. Unlike the front yard, which looked like a paradise, the backyard of the medium’s house was like hell. There were many amulets on the tree standing there and the tree was completely dried up. The man suddenly closed the window and drew the curtain.

My friend seemed to know the medium intimately and was talking to him in a friendly way. I felt the need to tell him about the scene I had seen in the garden that night. As I was telling him, I realized that the man I had seen in the garden of my house that night was this medium. Without saying anything to anyone, I quickly left the room, full of fear, and my friend followed me. When he returned, he had pieces of paper with strange shapes on them and handed them to me.

I tried to explain to my friend that the person I had seen in the garden of my house at night was the psychic we had gone to and that I had seen her in the garden of my house before. However, I was unable to express myself because of the shock of the moment. My friend had forgotten to tell me what to do when she gave me the papers and I had forgotten to ask her.

As I was walking home after my friend left, as soon as I recovered, I decided to tell my friend that the man I had seen in our garden was that psychic. When I entered the house, I plugged my phone into the charger and started swinging in the hammock with the papers. I tried to attach a meaning to the shapes on the papers, whose meanings I could not decipher.

Just then my phone rang, but I was so engrossed in the papers that I realized too late that it was the phone ringing. I immediately tucked the papers under a stone at the base of the tree and went into the house to call my friend. My friend explained in detail how I should use the papers and what to do with them. The strange part was that I had to soak the papers in water and dissolve them. After the phone call, I lay down on the bed and started thinking about how to do it.

It was only then that I realized I had forgotten the papers under the hammock and ran to the hammock with quick steps. The papers were under the stone under the tree. I grabbed the papers, went to the kitchen, filled a glass with water, threw the papers in it and decided to leave them to soak until morning. Even though I thought it was a strange way to soak papers in water, I followed my friend’s advice and left the papers in the water.

Afterwards, I lay down on my bed and started to think about how to continue the process. However, I soon fell asleep and stayed in a deep sleep until morning. When I woke up in the morning, I realized that the papers I had soaked in the water had disappeared. Although this surprised me, I continued to act according to my friend’s suggestions.

For the spell to be effective, I had to somehow get my ex to drink it. I poured the water into a bottle, threw it in my bag and went outside. The idea crossed my mind that I could go to the gym where my ex-girlfriend worked and add the magical water I had to her water while she was taking care of someone else. As I walked home, I threw the water in my bag in the garbage. When I got home, I felt very tired and I jumped into my bed and fell asleep.

In my dream, I had many nightmares and they all involved hammocks. When I woke up scared, it was bright and when I looked at my watch, an hour had passed. I took my book and started to read while lying in the hammock. However, wondering why the hammock was in my dreams so often, I called the psychic’s number, but they told me that I had to wait 3 days for an appointment.

I made the appointment without thinking and continued to have nightmares every night until that date. On the day I was to leave, my aunt and her husband, who was a very religious teacher, came to our house. My aunt and I were very close, she had taken care of me and raised me for several years. When they arrived, I greeted them with a sad expression. When my brother-in-law realized the situation, he expressed his concern for me and said he could help. So I started talking to him about the little girl and the nightmares I had been having lately, because I knew he would help me with this.

As I started to tell her what I had been experiencing, tears started to flow from my eyes. I was expressing my fear by crying. My sister-in-law hugged me and said, “Don’t cry, you have been bewitched, but I know how to break the spell. It is good that you didn’t go to a psychic because she might have cast the spell. I will do my best to cleanse you from this spell, my daughter” and continued to hug me. I can’t tell what he did during the cleansing because he told me not to tell anyone, but he told me that the person who cast the spell was a psychic and the person who cast it was my best friend. She said that the spell they cast was not a binding spell but a haunting spell.

I could never have imagined that my best friend could do something so bad that he would stoop so low to take my beloved away from me. When my beloved did not give me an explanation that day, I attributed the reason to my best friend. However, I later found out that I was both cheated on and subjected to a spell by my best friend. I am no longer in contact with them and I live with my aunts. Everything is fine in my life and I have a suggestion for you: Make good friends, let people into your life who care about your well-being, not those who lead you down a bad path.


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