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I’m Haunted by a Jinn Because I Cast a Spell

Paranormal Experience

Creepy Horror Stories: I'm Haunted by a Jinn Because I Cast a Spell
Creepy Horror Stories: I’m Haunted by a Jinn Because I Cast a Spell

This text tells the story of a woman, who read a prayer she doesn’t know as the candle prayer, how djinns haunted her, and the terrifying events she experienced.

Witness Statement: Last year, I heard a “candle pray” from my aunt-in-law. This prayer is said to a candle so that you can make the person you want to fall in love with you… So, I did… I started to see something in the form of smoke around me right after I started to say the prayer after 12 at night… I didn’t care about it a lot. I kept saying the prayer.

However, after this practice, I started to wake up suddenly at night. I was lying in the bed for hours without thinking about anything or doing anything. In the following days, I was experiencing this problem not only at night but also while I was sitting or watching television. I started to feel something touching my body.

One night, I heard something calling me “Hatem” by hitting the bed head while I was sleeping. The voice was really creepy. When I told her what happened to my aunt, she told me “The djinns gave this name to you.” I was surprised about what happened. My aunt told me that she is going to order a talisman from Aleppo and bring it to me.

A few days before my talisman arrived, I was washing the dishes in the kitchen. I saw a headless short being with an undershirt passed behind me from the reflection of one of the pots! I left the dish and went to the living room but there was no one. However, my tongue-tied due to fear. I couldn’t speak for a while at all. I was trying to speak but couldn’t. It was like someone was holding my jaw with all his strength and I couldn’t do anything but cry.

I didn’t want to hear them when my relatives said prayers to keep the djinns away from me. I was feeling like someone was cutting my ears when they were saying prayers. In time, I improved a little bit. Now I feel really tired when I’m sleeping. I feel the weight on me… I can’t move and I can’t even open my eyes. Later, I feel like my right cheek is swelling like it is going to explode. I also hear sounds like a siren in my ear as my ears are going to explode…

I don’t know how to get rid of this now. I’m being punished for saying a prayer to a candle by not knowing it… I cannot pray when I do, I cannot sleep at night, hear voices, and have nightmares. I was not like this before. I used to feel relieved as I prayed and said prayers. However, it is not like that anymore…


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